Martin Sowery was born in Leeds and has lived in Nice, London and Madrid but mostly Yorkshire. Despite failing to be sacked from various jobs including milkman, chemist, nurse and teacher, most of his working life was spent as a corporate lawyer working in the UK and other jurisdictions.

My first novel, Sing Like You Know the Words, was published in June 2012. It was followed in 2013 by The Disappearance of Jonathan Bloom Both books continue to be popular on Amazon/Kindle.  A collection of short stories called Arrivals and Departures is also available on Amazon/Kindle, based on the adventures of Madrid detectives Oscar and Jose (some of which may be read on this site in more or less developed form). Arrivals and Jonathan Bloom are also available on Smashwords

Market Forces; a science-fiction novel of which the prototype first instalment, called Slouchers is  published free on this site, was published on Amazon/Kindle in 2017.

My novel Susan Hummer, being a fictionalised biography of the eponymous historical character, was also published in Amazon/Kindle that year.

I recently completed two more books. The first, Careful What You Wish For, is a dystopian black comedy – it’s the times – and is published on Amazon/Kindle and Smashwords as of September 12 2018. Still to come is The Other Side of the Mirror, which is a slightly more straightforward thriller for the many people who enjoyed Jonathan Bloom. I’ll be putting a sample of each on these pages.